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A Duck
RE: Solomon suddenly world class and Rupp soloing 3.50 indoor miles - Come on Letsun, ask the questions!

Barakus Obama wrote:

[quote]A Duck wrote:

This thread and the pimping of it by the Blojo's just proves their desperate agenda to justify slandering and smearing primarily One Runner and One Coach for over the past half decade.

Disingenuous, pathetic and juvenile.

You want to beat a drum? Beat a drum for tougher penalties. Tougher testing.

You never get into what WADA and the IAAF do in detail. THAT takes too much work. Slandering and smearing elite runners...only takes a few seconds.

You want to sing your own praises?

Then instead of claiming you ask the questions credentialed media don't ask, the next time you are in front of Rupp or whomever you suspect, in the mixed zone, ask the questions like men.

You won't because you are little cowards on the internet, and not credible journalists.

Disingenuous spoiled children in the darkness of your message boards. Lame.

Do some work. Some actual work. Reform your cesspool of a website and become a credible source.

Wait, that takes actual work and critical thinking.

Kudo's to those who join me in defending those bashed and abused, slandered and smeared on this website over the past half decade+.

...There is a reason exactly Zero Elite runners will be interviewed here.

...There is a reason exactly Zero Elite USA coaches will be interviewed here.

There is a reason almost every university and high school coach has a policy BANNING their teams from frequenting this website.

The Lojo's can revel in bad faith, bad behavior, and delusion all they want -- the entire nation of organized runners CAN'T be wrong.

This site has exactly ZERO credibility.

Now you are slandering this site in the same fashion, without evidence.

- Where is the evidence that no elite runners will be interviewed here?

- Where is the evidence no elite USA coaches will be interviewed here?

- Where is the evidence every university/HS has a policy of banning their teams from frequenting this site?

Read athletes blogs for 5 years, and you will get the drift that they stay away from this place. Lauren Fleshmans blog a few weeks ago. States it, others have.

Both college and high school athletes have posted that their teams are banned from visiting this site.

Go hang out and talk to athletes at Stanford, Eugene, or UW, and ask athletes what they think of this site. I asked an Australian elite and his answer was "a fukking discrace to the sport and a shthole. Why is it you Americans want to tear down your own sport?"

Listen, you've got the equation wrong.

When I used to just post mellow, just the facts, the only thing that happened was more idiots flooding the site with attack posts.

By getting louder and more active, you can at least complain about me, or as others have done, realize I am making real points based on real data.

I just didn't bake the idea that elites won't be interviewed here, they've told me.

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