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A Duck
RE: Solomon suddenly world class and Rupp soloing 3.50 indoor miles - Come on Letsun, ask the questions!

P White wrote:

[quote]Classless act P wrote:
Are you kidding ME, Patrick?

Why do you think you can SLANDER someone (because this is exactly what you're doing) just because YOU decided that they improved too quickly?

What in the world gives you the right to drag people's names through the mud with ZERO EVIDENCE other than an performance that YOU decided was "too good"?

Undoubtedly you have ZERO practical knowledge of the training and performance level of these athletes to begin with, so your arm-chair quarterback antics are even more heinous.

It's despicable, and the Brojos endorsing your behavior has become one the staple reasons why this board does more to hurt than help the sport.

Where did i slander anyone?

The whole thread has mainly referred to Rupp specifically so I will say that I personally believe that Ruupp is not taking anything banned. He is doing nothing against the rules of the sport. I will reserve use of the word 'clean' because I guess those guys are on lots of stuff that is not on the banned list but certainly I think he is legitimately following the rules of the sport.[/quote]

The problem Patrick White is that you don't get it. Rather than show your knowledge of Rupp's progression. Rather than list out the public knowledge of Salazar's training and just post accusations. And then deny it. And WTF is "I guess those guys are on lots of stuff."

Dude, you've let too many anonymous people fill you with bad info and bad faith.

Based on your approach and evidence, how would you like to be accused of a crime at work?

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