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A Duck
RE: Solomon suddenly world class and Rupp soloing 3.50 indoor miles - Come on Letsun, ask the questions!

Positive Contributions wrote:

The best thing about the site is the links and recaps. P White asked a semi-serious question but, lets face it, the thread gained traction because lots of people hate Rupp. A Duck is right on one point - this site has allowed many immature, homophobic and insensitive things to be said about the guy since he was a teen. That is just the history here.

I think it's fine to ask an occasional serious and reasoned question about performance. You don't need proof but you need an intelligent thought (BTWI am not sure a few mile times in 2008 makes a strong argument). I think Simmons is right to ask about Ray Lewis and it is long past time for major sports to take the lead and develop effective passports programs.

However it is frustrating to come to the message board and just see a bunch of baseless accusations take over threads. I would not encourage that.

Also, I have tried to start discussions of professionals and there is either no interest or a few people who quickly post rude and slanderous comments.

If people talk about the subject lf PEDs seriously and with purpose, that is great. But let's not pretend that most of the accusations can be characterized thy way.

Lets get back to talking about races.

Thanks, and I agree with you. I would add that I am right on all my other points as well -- they fit into your "no one really wants to talk about elites" point, no one pursues lines of FACTS here...FACTS that have always been linked from here...because it is easier to just post bad faith sht and....the Brojo's have let this be and become a cesspool from day one.

Elite and name runners that used to post have all gone away.

Additionally, the Lojo's should address WHY they allowed Rupp to be called homophobic names and all the other immature posts to stay up for so many years.

And, you are wrong that people hate Rupp. You don't see it anywhere else on the web, except here.

They encouraged it, tacitly or otherwise, and let the personal attacks on Rupp stay up.

The Lojo's are responsible for creating this absurd, hateful and disgusting sub-culture.

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