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Jefe in the CO
RE: Solomon suddenly world class and Rupp soloing 3.50 indoor miles - Come on Letsun, ask the questions!
Questioning results is not a one way street. It's more analogous to playing a game of chess, either with yourself or this message board, i.e., great result could be PED's, could be improved training/diet, could be a gray area of asthma/thyroid meds, could be staying healthy, etc., etc. At the end of the day some will win and some will lose but very few rises to the level of 'slanderous' and even fewer could be construed as 'accusations'.

By your statement, “Until you have actual proof, STFU and stop thinking that every time someone gets to a certain level it is time to start "asking the hard questions" (translated: Accusing athletes of cheating)...” you are suggesting that we don’t play the game at all. In a parallel universe where there was no prior knowledge this would be great advice but, in our world, the litany of PED induced results over the past several decades require that we play.

That being said I do think that if Wejo is right and Nike is the running equivalent of the Yankees then the Brojos are most definitely the Red Sox. They are the pied pipers of the Red Sox Running nation where many of their followers eagerly join the fray. Why we question Rupp ad naseum (justifiably so I might add) about his thyroid meds but somehow give Hall a pass is evidence of the Us versus Them environment around here. Another failed litmus test is the sheer number of anti-Nike types around here and of the few pro-Nike types all we have is the maniacal A Duck.

Is it good for the sport that the only legitimate website devoted to competitive distance running favors one side? Probably not. We either need another partial website or the Brojos should attempt to be more impartial.

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