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RE: Solomon suddenly world class and Rupp soloing 3.50 indoor miles - Come on Letsun, ask the questions!
Fair enough. It was getting kind of dark in there.

These are arguably still easy questions, but I get the point about a potential "local fan" reporter bias. Still, for someone who didn't say "doping", all of your hard questions are linked to PEDs.

I would add to your list:
- altitude tent details. How long per day? How many months/years before visible results? Long term progression of improvements? Mo doing the same thing?
- changes in blood values linked to altitude tent? data?
- any real altitude training? Where? For how long?
- the history of their whereabouts? Do they train in remote, unreachable places for long periods of time?

These are Rupp (and Mo) questions. Don't know about Solomon. I would have to think harder about that.

P White wrote:

Where did I say all winners dope? Where did I even say that both Rupp and Solomon dope?

The 'hard' questions are when people who report on the sport but personally know the athletes involve stop being fans with typewriters (or fans video cameras in the case of the Flotrack guys) and start looking for details.

Personally, here is the kind of thing I want to know from Rupp/Salazar:

How often has Galen been tested in the last 18 months? What Percentage of those tests were out of competition?

Is there any clause in your Nike contract to punish you if you got banned for using PEDs?

Can you list all the supplements and medication he takes? Is there medical reasons (allergy/asthma) for all of them?
Anyone here slating the people asking questions (NOTE: QUESTIONS NOT ACCUSATIONS) need to take their heads out of their ass*es.

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