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RE: Solomon suddenly world class and Rupp soloing 3.50 indoor miles - Come on Letsun, ask the questions!
A Duck's post is too long to respond to. I thought I responded to parts of it yesterday but I guess I never hit post.

Since I didn't hit post maybe I should address one main point:

You wrote.

No, there is no magical way to know who is clean and who is dirty. And you know you are being half baked with that defense. You also know in your guts that Rupp is clean. You've made "hey!" here and profited off his successes. You looked him in the eyes and asked him questions in the mix zone, you freaking know in your guts that he is clean.

You've looked the man in the eyes. And you know he's a good dude, and you know in your gut he is clean. And yet you get off on this delusional, viral Lord of the Flies you've created.

I guess you don't get it.

I, nor you, don't know if Rupp or anyone else for that matter is clean. That is the whole point of a thread like this.

It's like Paula Radcliffe told me, "Ultimately you only know about yourself (being clean)."

I said I would quit the sport if Paula was ever dirty. Do I know she is clean? Absolutely not. I hope she's clean. I believe she's clean, but I don't know it for a fact. That is why threads like this are allowed to exist. People can speculate all they want about Paula being dirty.

If you don't get that main point, then you're clearly never going to agree with me.

As for filters and people making immature jokes about Rupp's name we implemented a filter years ago for this. If anyone has any questions about this email me directly at He is the only athlete we've ever implemented such a filter for. We definitely don't want a "hate crime type culture" as you implied.

Rupp and Oregon and Nike are the New York Yankees of the sport. There is going to more positive and negative said about them just because of the position of prominence they have. That comes with the territory.

I think they can handle it but there are going to be differences of opinion on what is acceptable. Take for example the term "Rupp certified". It was invented on these boards and I think it was quite clever. People close to Rupp didn't think so.

"A Duck" you said,

As you showed yesterday, you are both only too happy to foster more lies and idiot speculation.


Yesterday was a pathetically perfect example. Questioning Rupp's progression? You covered it every step of the way! You could not be any more phoney and deceitful.

What lies did I foster? What deceit did I create? All I did was state that a thread like this was perfectly legitimate. I stand behind that today as well. If you don't see that point then there really isn't any point in debating. Differences in opinion are going to exist.

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