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RE: Solomon suddenly world class and Rupp soloing 3.50 indoor miles - Come on Letsun, ask the questions!

4) The Africans have made a complete mockery of distance world records (and the Jamaicans of sprint world records) over the last 20 years or so.

5) Suddenly the Americans (including Farah) have made this huge leap to beating the Africans at their own game. Is Rupp THAT much more talented than Shorter, Rodgers, Pre, Virgin...? His times suggest that he is in an entirely different galaxy than those folks. It is all too improbable. (Quote)

Sorry but 5 does not hold together logically. In th 10000, there is one American who is running 30 seconds faster than guys like Mark Nenow. Another, Solinsky is 20 seconds better. Its not a 'different galaxy'. It's progress. What's odd is how few good Americans there were for so long. It was basically just Meb (who you say was clean and 9 seconds better than Nenow). Rupp is not breaking world records. He is 30 seconds away from the 10000 WR. He happened to beat the world record holder, who is in decline. It's like saying an NBA player is on drugs if he is now better than Tim Duncan or another former MVP. it does not mean that player is better than Duncan ever was.

Also, is 17 seconds from the 5000 world record. He, Rupp, Ritz and Teg are a few seconds faster than Moorcroft was at 5000. What is so improbable about that? Have we learned nothing in 30 years?

As for 4,sure, some of the records are suspect. Maybe there was a lot of EPO use when they were set. Maybe some guys were just "in another galaxy" (Bolt, El G, Komen). It does not mean that everyone who is better than the guys from the 70s/80s/90s is a drug cheat.

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