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welcome to the machine
RE: Solomon suddenly world class and Rupp soloing 3.50 indoor miles - Come on Letsun, ask the questions!

Barakus Obama wrote:

A Duck, you are embarrassing for all ducks and if Salazar or Galen reads this I'm sure they will shake their head about your stupidity.

Do you not see how you make everything worse for them?

YOU = Make them look worse, every damn post by you make them look worse.

How do you think making crazy fanboy comments about Rupp will make it anything better? If you had taken a basic college class in psychology you would know (like the average guy knows) that they way you act not only makes Rupp seems more suspicious, it also makes people want to bash him more. You are the crazy lunatic fan that no sports hero likes, you are the guy they are embarrassed about.

For Rupps sake, stop it.

If you are such a defender of clean athletes, why do you only defend and talk about doping in regards to the NOP? Why aren't you defending the 2012 Olympic Champion in the 1500m? If you know who that is...?

And btw, there is nothing wrong about being gay, or are you a homophobe as well as an idiot?

Be a man and Buckle up! Lets see you answer anything not made on your terms kiddo.


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