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RE: Solomon suddenly world class and Rupp soloing 3.50 indoor miles - Come on Letsun, ask the questions!
A Duck:

I actually agree with you about the Rupp bashing in HS. He was a child then. There's no excuse for them allowing that. And I'm sure this will get this whole thread deleted, but the BroJos are not exactly consistent when it comes to their treatment of PED users. I'd rather this thread not be deleted, so I won't say more than that, but, if you noted that - I didn't read your entire screed - then I'm with you completely.

BUT - your fanboy fawning over all things Nike and UO is pitiful and prevents what you're saying about Rupp from being taken more seriously than it should. You could well be a paid mole for Nike - or, heck, Salazar himself.

The fact is that Nike cares first and foremost about victory and selling their products. The fact is that they are the sociopaths. Think about all of the Nike athletes who have been busted for drugs and think, too, about Nikes behavior in the wake of those busts. It's a shameful history.

I yelled myself hoarse watching the Olympic 10k. I was ecstactc. It could only have been better, for me, if Rupp had won. BUT if I would be willing to bet my house on the fact that NOP is on the other side - probably way on the other side - of any line that most of us would draw when it comes to PEDs. I know this, I knew it before the 3:50. I still root for Rupp, though, because most of the other guys in the Olympic finals are probably users too. Plus, I like Rupp because he's so picked on here.

But that said, unless you are Salazar, or someone on the inside of NOP, you don't know that the real tragedy of Rupp's life is not that some internet trolls called him gay, it's that he's been groomed by a maniacal fanatic to fulfill some relatively meaningless ambition that may not have ever really belonged to 16 year old Galen (sure to us a Silver in the Olympics is everything but Gold, but, to 99.99% of the world, it's not terribly special). What if Rupp has been pumped full of chemicals from a relatively early age? It's one explanation for Rupp's great performances in high school - and it's not like he would be alone in that - 3/4 of high school football players probably take something. It's just that he was getting the best or most dangerous drugs available straight from a guy for whom buildings are named on Nike Campus. If this is true, then Rupp looks a bit more like Jon Benet.

I don't know, and, probably, neither do you, but I do know Nike and I just have a bad feeling about all of this.

I hope my fears are not justified. Time will tell.

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