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RE: Solomon suddenly world class and Rupp soloing 3.50 indoor miles - Come on Letsun, ask the questions!
You 2 are ridiculous. You sound a lot like all the Lance believers who still defend him after he admits doping because he never tested positive. The Nike logic is the dumbest thing I've ever heard. You're painting them to be holier than thou and saying they are above doping. Look at past history with Nike's involvement in athletics: Lance, Athletics West, Mark Block at the trials, Tiger Woods, Marion Jones, etc etc. Nike does not care if their sponsored athletes dope, they only care when they get caught. They are a huge business and want to turn a profit like anyone else. Sometimes they turn a blind eye towards cheating which is what happens in all walks of life everyday. To say without a doubt that nothing fishy is going on is obtuse.

Montesquieu wrote:

I agree entirely with the substance of A Duck's remarks, although I think the tone could have been tempered. However, what must also be noted is that it is impossible for anyone to prove beyond doubt that he is clean. In the case of the Rupp, Farah, and Ritz training group, I'm as confident that I can be that they are all clean. Why? Setting aside their extraordinary potential as exhibited when they were in high school (Rupp and Ritz in particular), there's this: this is not just any training group--this is NIKE'S training group. It is inconceivable to me that Phil Knight and the Nike hierarchy would permit their hallmark long distance athletes, who train on the Nike campus, who are there everyday, to bring shame upon the Nike brand.[quote]A Duck wrote:

[quote]wejo wrote:

[quote]obviously true wrote:

It's clear that some sort of doping is going on. However, results are results, and we'll turn a blind eye so long as we're entertained.

There are the posts I don't like.

When people say "it's clear" that some sort of doping (or not doping for that matter) is going on just from some results.

So what everyone breaking a record is automatically a doper?

I don't think anything is clear. Anyone testing positive wouldn't surprise me these days, but that doesn't mean I still don't believe in the beauty of our sport so I'm not automatically jaded by records being broken.

I do think results can be used in arguments, but try and make a well-informed argument.[/quote]

The type of post you quote is EXACTLY the type of post I've LOUDLY protesting against here for a long time.


Anyone posting this kind of crap if they could see hour for hour the work a Rupp or Farah puts in day in and day out...would realize that it is possible to do it clean.

It's ironic, sad and stupid that you can talk about believing in the "beauty" of our sport, when you have stewardship over the most ugly web destination in our sport.

Clearly you have a block to really thinking things through.

You don't care what innocent people get thrown under the buss in "print" on your website...all in the quest of profits.

The thing is...the forum here has devolved into a place where ALMOST EVERY ELITE has been accused on this site of being on PEDS.

It's become a place to just accuse people, where the accusers have no authority, knowledge or believability.

There's a place for the pub, sportsbar, or with your friends.

Not a website purporting to be an "authority."

Both you and your brother posting and sanctifying this thread and this sad and pathetic.[/quote][/quote]

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