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RE: Solomon suddenly world class and Rupp soloing 3.50 indoor miles - Come on Letsun, ask the questions!

A Duck wrote:

The thing is...the forum here has devolved into a place where ALMOST EVERY ELITE has been accused on this site of being on PEDS.

A Duck please note that people accused me of doping myself on here. Not that I was at Rupp or Solomon's territory but it just comes with being in sport. I considered it a compliment. I had rapid improvement and found it amusing they assumed I had to be doping.

I didn't take it too personally and I understand why the posters thought what they did.

I stand for a clean sport and know that everyone is under suspicion. Let them have their opinions. Let them make bs statements.

If athletes get sick of asking about whether they're clean our desire is that they will be at the forefront leading for a cleaner, more transparent sport.

And just because I do not like a post does not mean it gets removed.

I don't agree that all these "innocent people" are getting thrown under the bus all in the name of LetsRun profits.

These are not "innocent people" off the street. These "innocent people" are some of the top track athletes in the world who make a living off of endorsements. They are not being thrown under a bus. People are discussing whether they think they are clean or not. Professional athletes can handle that kind of talk.

These innocent people you refer to, some who make hundreds of thousands a year off the public's goodwill, are expected at any time to face a knock on the door from a stranger, go into the bathroom, turn, face towards the stranger, and piss into a cup, while the stranger watches. If you can handle that and you get to make a living off of endorsements, I think you can stand speculation on a forum as whether you might be doping all in the name of a cleaner sport.

Galen and Duane were two of the greatest stories in US distance running last year. But just because of that we're not supposed to allow people to ask questions or speculate? Should we only allow people to say positive things about them?

What about arguable the greatest story in endurance sports the last decade- Lance Amstrong? Should we have not allowed any speculation about him until after he went on Oprah and admitted it?

The point is not that I'm trying to group Galen or Duane with Lance, but that we don't have the ability to be determine magically who is clean or dirty with some magical ball and only allow speculation about the dirty ones.

These are pro athletes. Being talked about comes with the territory.

When Chip Kelly left Oregon, I'm sure all the college football forums only let fans say positive things about him right? Should they not allow discussions on whether he broke any NCAA rules?

That's not how the real sports world works, and that's not how running should work either.

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