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Nutty Professor
RE: New Research on Sex Differences in Sports Motivation and Title IX

Pirates are the mascot wrote:

This just in-- we've landed on the moon!!

Yep, another typical study from so-called research that tells the world what we already know: boys play sports. Differences exist between boys and girls. Stop the presses.

Well, i guess this is a good thing- perhaps the NCAA admins who fawn over stuff like this will realize that women will not get ahead by preventing men's participation.

I appreciate the sentiment – I’ll be the first to admit that our results are just proving what seems like commonsense. Two points though:

1. Commonsense sometimes turns out to be wrong. In fact, the current commonsense of a lot of smart people (such as Supreme Court judges, most academics) is that there is no sex difference in sports motivation and/or it's rapidly disappearing. Hey, it used to be commonsense that women couldn’t be effective doctors, lawyers, and so on.

2. When we measure things in science, even effects that we’re pretty sure exist, we often still benefit. For instance, you might dismiss our study as being obvious but I’d contend that it’s not obvious to anyone whether or not the sex difference in sports motivation is getting smaller over time. To answer that sort of question, we’ve got to start measuring things in consistent ways. I think our new study paves the way for this.

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