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RE: West Wyoming T-Shirts now available
I can assure you, Sir SOKLR of the Southern Punani, that many of those daring and courageous souls in that list with whom you've accused of being The Good Doctor, are in fact not The Good Doctor at all!

While they are of course humbly blessed(and rightfully so)to be held in such high regard as to be mistaken for our Lord, they are merely fellow crusaders of the Kip Litton Resistance.

Heed my words Sir SOKLR of the Southern Punani, your treachery is not going unnoticed amongst these God-fearing, innocent, and honest lands. You have hid behind your keyboard, suckling the teet of your Mother's warmth, shelter, food, electricity, and basement for far too long. Oh there will be justice. And it shall be swift and merciless!

The resistance shall rise! And continue to prove the innocence of The GOOD Doctor! This witch hunt has gone on long enough!

By the power vested in me i decree that those servants of the resistance, those who aspire to join, and those independent souls who just wish to see a falsely accused man go free to satisfy their hope of a noble justice still left in the world, RISE UP and take back the life of KIP, a life that has been wrongfully stripped from HIM!


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