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RE: Kip - that boy ain't right
Scott is right. Basically The guy lies and lies and can't admit any wrongdoing. If you were in on the internal investigation with mark singer and Scott hubbard you would know this. My understanding was Many emails were shot back and forth between mark and Kip where kip sent a bunch of bullshit nonsense answers back to mark. Scott has had Kip LIE to him COUNTLESS times! I know either mark or Scott...that They got Kip to confess about making up the West Wyoming marathon as his response you can see in the article is that it was part of a family trip or something? I can't recall exactly what it was In article (dont have it in front of me right now), but through my own kip Litton investigating I sort of believe this as Kip litton's Facebook pictures (before he made his FB profile private) with Lisa and his kids showed him in the Jackson Hole area around the time of the race. I also looked through Kip Littons Facebook wall posts and It showed Kip bragging things about his running (lies) on his Facebook of them was about the 2010 COX providence marathon where he talks about trailing off marathon junkie Chuck Engle in the first half mile. This was impossible though because unlike Chuck (and any other top finisher) kip took like 3 minutes or thereabouts just to cross the starting line at Providence. This was also the race where kip changed shoes. Another FB wall post of Litton's was about the number of miles he ran and biked for the entire year. Another FB wall post Kip bragged thaf he too his easy days very easy, ONLY 7-7:30 pace per mile ( something like that). Of course this sounded like bullshit because 7:00 pace would be close to a tempo run for someone of Kip's supposed fitness level. When I first saw these interesting posts on kips FB profile wall, I figured the guy was doing this cheating in these marathons to impress people. Mark Singers interviews with a person who knew kip from high school or college (cant remember) said kip would do strange things to seek attention (you can see this in article). Distance running is a sport people are very impressed with so you can sort of understand that Kip's main motivation may have been what a lot of us shoot for, to be respected and admired by others.

It would be cool to like pressure his wife and try to get her to talk about what kip has said to her or admitted, if anything, but chances are that if you try to put yourself in Kips wifes shoes, its really sad as his wife is probably thinking maybe that her husband needs some help, and probably she feels disgusted and ashamed by all this coverage in the New Yorker now and completely avoiding the discussion with her friends and gatherings with neighbors in the Clarkston area. That's just my guess, who knows It's not something I feel good about but if someone in his family has a head that's screwed on right, maybe someday we'll get some better answers on what they know about kip's HOW. Does One of KIPS troll posts in this thread give some idea? it says that Kip's wife provided gear changes along the course. Hmm could that mean she was somehow an accomplice?

The why I think is just what a lot of us runners shoot for, which is respect and admiration from others we know- friends, family, relatives. For kip, friends, family and relatives and his entire patient base, maybe also his intelligent univ of Michigan alumni friends, etc.

If you guys remember the old Kip litton threads that the LetsRun mods foolishly deleted back in october'ish 2010, You would be able to see that Kip had a close friend named Dan Baxley who came onto these letsrun boards furious that we letsrunners thought Litton was a cheat. Mr Dan Baxley who resides in Florida quickly disappeared and shut his trap once the mountains of evidence came. Im not sure if Mr Baxley still believes his friend kip is innocent or what.

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