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RE: Kip - that boy ain't right
It is not pointless to discuss the article. The article is out there in the public domain and is fair game. As many on here have already stated, the writer did an inadequate job in disclosing any information that could not already be found on the first 100 pages of this thread. His delivery was impressive, but his substance was woefully lacking.

Many of on here are wondering why Singer did not ask the hard questions. It is a fair question to ask.

Lone Gunman wrote:

Criticizing the article/interview is pointless. The article is out there, it was well written, and I thought did a nice job of explaining everything. The fact that Mr. Singer doggedly pursued KL is impressive.

The article interview was an interview, not a sworn deposition (or a videotaped one at that). So expectations are/were as scotth described.

One thing that was not really discussed here (that I can recall) that came out in the article was the "Brad Smith" communication to scotth's newsletter. Singer certainly implied it was KL faking modesty to get his name out there about his marathon achievements - an exercise in utter narcissism which is likely the root of the alleged "why."

I think what galls most here and why this thread holds interest is the engendered anger caused by the fact that someone might literally cut corners in a sport that requires much self sacrifice and hard work to excel at whatever level is desired - more specifically, it takes a lot of hard work and real dedication for a masters guy to get to and below 2:50. It cheapens the achievement when someone may be doing it dishonestly. Same could be said if there was an analogous situation involvinig a 4 hr marathoner. Jean's Marines were rightly trashed here and also officially dq'd for their antics and they were 5 hr people. Enough rambling..

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