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RE: Thanks Tinman
I have read in runners world, that ''JD says that there is no point in running over 70 miles a week''. And I had allways thought that when running experts, cite that fact. They are not looking at all the data. Or they are just reading into the data what they would like. I had a gut level feeling that, people had miss read your ideas about training. And cited part of one of your studys to prove there point. I am very glad, that this feeling I had was true. You should make a point of letting more people know the whole picture when it comes to the effects of training. And what they can or cannot gain from doing high milage. Or high intensity. Or I fear that your going to end up being, accused of being the guy who told eveyone to run low miles and easy. Which for some reason ended up produceing proformace levels that where lower then people would have liked. Imagen that, you no matter what you do it turns out that you have to do that style of training with 100% commetment to get to where you want to go as a runner.

I fear that the great work that you are doing to explain training theory, will be lost in the shuffle. As lazy people who find that they cannot run low miles, easy. And still race as they would like, will blame you. And the fact that ''JD'' says there is no need to run over 70 miles a week. And the true information and vlue of training theory will get tossed out with aloing with the whole notion that you dont have to work hard to be a good runner.

Bottom line is that I think that you need to make sure to let people know know that. There is more then one road to the top, and you have to work hard at whatever path you cuse, be it high miles, or high intensity. From reading runners world I allways get the idea that you felt that one only need run 30 miles a week, with a three mile tempo, a few 400m reps to run to the top.

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