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RE: The beginning

Enough with the Kip bullsht wrote:

[quote]Trollist wrote:

[quote]Sparticus wrote:

Now, now fellow trolls, Racerdb truly doesn't care about this thread, nor this Litton saga, just as you and I don't. So how about we embrace him as one of our own and continue with our true goal...that Kip is an innocent man that has been done dirty by the cowards so named in this thread.

This isn't a laughing matter. An innocent man's name is being drug through the mud to satisfy the twisted needs of the "people" who regularly post in this thread. Let's look at it this way you scumbags; how would you feel if there was a thread on a frequently viewed internet message board calling your mother a whore and insinuating your father is one of her anonymous customers?[/quote]

If dr Litton is innocent, perhaps you should go talk to the writer who's exposing him?

If you actually believe dr Litton, chances are you arent a regular visitor to, nor a running enthusiast, but that you logged onto this forum solely to read up on your dentist's scandal, just to see if there's an truth to it.

Kip's friend Dan Baxley seemed to think this was all a smear, which makes sense to him since he doesn't understand distance running well enough to know that his friend is guilty and is lying.

Dr. Litton is God fearing? Or green Monkey worshipping? Maybe in certain areas of our country you can lie or cheat or steal, and say you're a Church goer and get away with stuff and people stop believing the facts.. Doesn't make any difference to me. The facts are the facts.[/quote]

Talk to the writer? I feel it is our duty to do that right now! And i would gladly do so if someone would just give me the means to...names, people...NAMES!

You're right, the facts are the facts which are the facts. And these facts are that the good doctor is innocent and is being harassed by anonymous cowards and keyboard warriors(and credit mongers). I can't speak for Trollist(God bless him) but i am a regular visitor to and know exactly the type of miserable scum that occupy this cesspool!

My friends and fighters for cause, we must stay vigilant in our purpose, never stray from our path of righteousness despite the obstacles these bigots belch in our way!


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