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RE: Rojo says he might start a Kip Litton thread but only 1 and only 1 thread
We have waited long enough. This post if for the readers who have unwittingly believed the character assassination here. For those who have joined in on the bashing, we will not refute your RUNNING related claims so you need not respond. Being infantile, no doubt you will though. Since there has been much speculation here about Kip's life ASIDE from running, we will address that only. Since the trashing posts have gone unchecked, readers have only opinions from people who have never met Kip upon which to form their own opinion.

We will give you perspective from people who actually KNOW Kip. We are a group who have known him from 7 to 34 years. We have gotten to know Kip and his family intimately through business, church, school, running and other social circles. Many of the previous posts here can not be proved either way, so we will only speak to our personal experience with Kip.

He is the rare type of person who makes you feel better after spending time with him. He is intelligent, selfless, witty, charitable, modest, caring, generous to a fault and passionately devoted to both his beautiful wife of over 20 years and his children. He has been recognized many times for his integrity, excellence in his profession and philanthropic efforts both in time and money with many organizations. He has been well respected in the community for over 20 years, loved by his patients and adored by his friends and family. Those of us us who have known him the longest can say in all those years there has never been a single time when his moral character has come into question. Your bashing is not ringing true with anyone that actually knows him. We and many others support Kip and his entire family in his hour of need with the diagnosis of his kids and any other tragedy that may befall him.

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