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Renato Canova
RE: RENATO, can you comment on the 2011 World Championships preparation
And now, the biggest regret I had in these WCh. This is about Thomas Longosiwa.

He is training partner of Silas Kiplagat and Ezekiel Kemboi for the most part of the season. Last year he was very sick, and spent a lot of time for becoming competitive again. From Doha meeting, at the beginning of May, he finally had good sensations again (he ran 7'33" in 3000m).

After Doha, we started a plan for building up his endurance, since I thought his lack of speed during the last lap was connected with a lack of endurance.

He was able to improve, running again under 13', and kicked very well at National Trials.

His shape was growing continously during the training camp. His workouts were good, but especially his recovery was fast and the feeling with his body grew a lot.

He was not lucky during the race. He fell down with about 550m to go, lost time and concentration, sprinted immediately for going back to the pack, and was still able to finish 7th (he became 6th after the DQ of Merga) overtaking Rupp and Kipchoge, finishing only 3" behind Mo. I don't think I'm wrong if I suppose he could win a medal without this problem.

This guy started with me in 2004, as pacer of his wife... and only after one month, looking at his talent, I went for a test one day (it was Sunday afternoon) in the Kamarin track, asking him to run 10x500m in 1'20" with 1'30" recovery. Thomas started with 1'15", I didn't tell him anything, and he continued with 1'15" / 1'16" till the last, when he finished in 1'10". So, I told you "It's better you look for becoming a runner yourself, because you can be really strong".

Thomas was involved in a wrong situation about his real age. In 2006, he won the selection for going in World Junior Champs in 10000m, but AK discovered he was not junior, and his passport had a wrong date of birth. He was DQ for soma time, there was an investigation about his age, and now officially he has a date of birth of 1982, that is again wrong. Really, he's born in 1986, so now he is 25 years old. In our Countries, we can't understand how is possible to change date of birth so easy, but from his original place (that is West Pokot) there is no care about any document, and also the Federation had problems in determining his real age (that infact is not the official one).

However, the guy can be a real good runner, and now he's mature for something important.

His training was as follows :


Mon, 1
a) 1 hr progressive run
b) 50’ easy

Tue, 2
a) Track : 3000 in 8’18”6 (rec. 5’) + 1x2000 in 5’25"4 (rec. 5’) + 2 sets of 6x400m (1st in 60” rec. 1’ – 2nd in 57” rec. 3’) rec. in between 5’
b) 45’ easy regeneration

Wed, 3
a) 1 hr moderate
b) 1 hr moderate

Thu, 4
a) 1 hr 10’ with short variations of speed (30”/45”) every 2’
b) 50’ easy

Fri, 5
a) Track : 4 sets of (600 + 500 + 400 + 300 + 200) in 1’32” / 1’16” / 60” / 44” / 27”, rec. 2’ between tests, 5’ between sets
b) 45’ easy regeneration

Sat, 6
a) 1 hr moderate
b) 45’ easy

Sun, 7
1 hr moderate

Mon, 8
a) 20’ warm-up + 10 km (forrest) in 30’03”
b 45’ easy + stretching and diagonals

Tue, 9
a) 50’ easy
b) 50’ easy

Wed, 10
a) 50’ easy
b) 50’ easy

Thu, 11 (Special Block)
a) 30’ moderate + 6 km 17’20”
b) 30’ moderate + (Track) 10x600m in 1’28”5 >< 1’30”2 (rec. 3’)

Fri, 12
a) 50’ easy
b) 50’ easy

Sat, 13
a) 1 hr moderate
b) 1 hr with short easy variations

Sun, 14
50’ easy regeneration

Mon, 15
a) 1 hr moderate
b) 50’ easy + stretching and diagonals

Tue, 16
a) Track : 2000m in 5’16”4 + 1600m in 4’08”6 + 1200m in 3’03”4 + 800m in 1’56”2 + 400m in 52”8 (rec. 6’)
b) 45’ easy regeneration

Wed, 17
a) 1 hr easy
b) 1 hr easy

Thu, 18
a) 1 hr 10’ moderate
b) 50’ easy

Fri, 19
a) Track : 6x500m in 1’13” (rec. 3’) – (rest 6’) – 1500m in 3’50” – (rest 6’) – 10 x 200m in 26” (rec. 2’ / 2’30”)
b) 45’ easy regeneration

Sat, 20
a) 1 hr easy
b) 50’ easy

Sun, 21
Track : 6 couples of (1000m in 2’35”, rec. 2’, 300m in 39” / 40”), rec. 5’

From Tue, 23 : Easy run. In Daegu, on 28.08 : 10x200m easy in 32” (recovery at personal sensation)

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