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Renato Canova
RE: RENATO, can you comment on the 2011 World Championships preparation
Now I speak about Imane Merga.

I explained him several times he could risk to be DQ for his way of running. His big mistake is that he tries to stay always in the first lane, and, if the race is not very fast, he can be boxed. When he tries to go out of the box, he runs like a tank, only concentrated in his speed, and this can provoke problems not only to the other competitors, but also to himself (the case of yesterday is clear : he NEEDED to put his foot out of the track for not falling down, but this happened because his position was too much inside the pack, and he had no room to go).

Imane is a very sweet and quite person, the opposite of what people looking at his running style can think.

Our problem is that I can send him programs, and sometime I'm with him during the competitions, but really (this is the difference between Kenyans and Ethiopians) never I can stay with him long time in training, in order to try to change his attitude (I'm sure that he can understand, if I can stay moe long time with him).

The problem during his preparation (but this was the common problem for ALL the Ethiopians this year) is that in Addis there was continue rain for about 45 days. This fact didn't allow the athletes in following their programs, and I know Imane couldn't do some specific workout, replacing with some fartlek on tarmac that couldn't have the same effect.

The program I prepared for him was the following :


Mon, 1
a) 1 hr 20’ progressive run
b) 50’ easy

Tue, 2
a) Track : 2x3000 in 8’30” (rec. 3’) + 2x2000 in 5’32” (rec. 3’) + 8x500m in 1’16” (rec. 2’)
b) 45’ easy regeneration

Wed, 3
a) 1 hr moderate
b) 1 hr moderate

Thu, 4
a) 1 hr 10’ with short variations of speed (30” / 45”) every 2’
b) 50’ easy

Fri, 5
a) Track : 5 sets of (600 + 500 + 400 + 300 + 200) in 1’32” / 1’16” / 60” / 44” / 28”, rec. 1’30” between tests, 5’ between sets
b) 45’ easy regeneration

Sat, 6
a) 1 hr moderate
b) 1 hr moderate

Sun, 7
1 hr moderate

Mon, 8
a) 20’ warm-up + 16 km at 3’ pace (48’)
b) 45’ easy + stretching and diagonals

Tue, 9
a) 50’ easy
b) 50’ easy

Wed, 10
a) 50’ easy
b) 50’ easy

Thu, 11 (Special Block)
a) 40' moderate + 10 km in 30'
b) 40’ moderate + (Track) 10x1000m in 2’45” > 2’42” (rec. 2’)

Fri, 12
a) 50’ easy
b) 50’ easy

Sat, 13
a) 1 hr moderate
b) 1 hr with short easy variations

Sun, 14
50’ easy regeneration

Mon, 15
a) 1 hr moderate
b) 50’ easy + stretching and diagonals

Tue, 16
a) Track : 4x2000m in 5’25” + 1x1000m in 2’30” (rec. 4’)
b) 45’ easy regeneration

Wed, 17
a) 1 hr easy
b) 1 hr easy

Thu, 18
a) 1 hr 10’ moderate
b) 50’ easy

Fri, 19
a) Track : 6x600m in 1’32” (rec. 2’) – (rest 5’) – 3000m in 8’15” – (rest 5’) – 10 x 300m in 42” (rec. 1’ / 1’30”)
b) 45’ easy regeneration

From Sat, 20 : Easy run. In Daegu, on 25.08 : 10x200m easy in 28” / 27” (recovery at personal sensation)

His training of 5.08, because of the rain, became a fartlek with 15 times 1'30" fast / 1' moderate + 15 times 45" fast / 30" easy + 10 times 30" fast / 30" easy.

The 16 km of 8.08 were in 47'42" (tarmac under the rain).

I don't know what he did on 19.08, just before leaving to Daegu.

Imane is fast, but not so fast as Mo Farah and Bernard Lagat. I continue to think his best event are 10000m, but (DQ apart) he was better, in the last lap, in 5000m (53"1) that in 10000m (58"). May be he relaxed when saw not possible to challenge with Mo and Jeylan, I don't know.

Of course, before planning next season, I need to analyse with him all these points, and to understand his feeling.

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