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Renato Canova
RE: RENATO, can you comment on the 2011 World Championships preparation
With WCh over, I can share the programs of the athletes I had in Daegu for their last period of training. For the most part of them Championships were good, for some other unlucky. Anyway, you can see the programs I gave.
I need to thank the head coach of Kenya, Peter Mathu, because he was able to create a very good atmosphere in the training camp. He worked with me in Iten till the period of the clash (December 2007), is my personal friend, and a very sweet person, able to speak with everybody without ORDERING the training (like in the past). He authorized all the athletes to go to the camp following their own program, and only tried to coodinate every session in the best way for the athletes.
Looking at the results, Peter must be confirmed as Head Coach for Olympic immediately.

I want to start introducing the plan of SYLVIA KIBET, silver medal in 5000m. Sylvia was sick during all winter, with problems in her lungs. Only from the beginning of June she felt better. So, we didn't have time enough for doing the big basic training we need in the Fundamental Period.
I spoke with her, and I told : "We have only the chance to grow in speed, supposing the two important competitions you have (Kenyan Trials in the middle of July and WCh) can be tactic with a very slow first part. So, we try to prepare a top 1500m, introducing step by step something longer, with particular attention in the balance of these two kinds of training".

At the beginning of June, Sylvia was not able to develop high volume (both in long run, struggling for 15 km in 54', and in short intervals, running 400m not faster than 68"), but step by step improved. During the Nationals the race was very slow (9'50" at 3000m !), but the last 2000m were about 5'47" and her last 200m were 28"8. She beated Lineth Masai, and the result was a good injection of confidence for the last period.

The following was her plan in the training camp :


Mon, 1
a) 1 hr progressive run
b) 50’ easy

Tue, 2
a) 1 hr 10’ moderate
b) 50’ easy

Wed, 3
a) Track : 3000 in 9’15”8(rec.5')+ 1x2000 in 5’56"6 (rec. 5’) + 2 sets of 6x400m (1st in 67” rec. 1’ – 2nd in 63” rec. 3’) rec. in between 5’
b) 45’ easy regeneration

Thu, 4 :
a) 1 hr moderate
b) 1 hr moderate

Fri, 5
a) 1 hr 10’ with short variations of speed (30” / 45”) every 2’
b) 50’ easy

Sat, 6
a) Track : 4 sets of (600 + 500 + 400 + 300 + 200) in 1’42” / 1’24” / 66” / 48” / 30”, rec. 2’ between tests, 5’ between sets
b) 45’ easy regeneration

Sun, 7
1 hr moderate

Mon, 8
a) 1 hr moderate
b) 40’ easy + 10 x 80m sprint uphill

Tue, 9
a) 20’ warm-up + 8 km in 39’20”
b) 45’ easy + stretching and diagonals

Wed, 10
a) 50’ easy
b) 50’ easy

Thu, 11 (special block) :
a) 40’ moderate + 6 km in 18'44" 18'44"
b) 40’ moderate + (Track) 10x300m in 46” (rec. 4’)

Fri, 12
a) 50’ easy
b) 50’ easy

Sat, 13
a) 1 hr moderate
b) 1 hr with short easy variations

Sun, 14
50’ easy regeneration

Mon, 15
a) 1 hr moderate
b) 50’ easy + stretching and diagonals

Tue, 16
a) Track : 2000m in 5’50” + 1600m in 4’36” + 1200m in 3’26” + 800m in 2’11” + 400m in 59" (rec. 6’)
b) 45’ easy regeneration

Wed, 17
a) 1 hr easy
b) 1 hr easy

Thu, 18
a) 1 hr 10’ moderate
b) 50’ easy

Fri, 19
a) Track : 6x500m in 1’22” (rec. 3’) – (rest 5’) – 1500m in 4’20” – (rest 5’) – 10 x 200m in 29” (rec. 2’ / 2’30”)(the last 27"7)
b) 45’ easy regeneration

Sat, 20
a) 1 hr easy
b) 50’ easy

Sun, 21
Track : 4 couples of (1000m in 2’55”, rec. 2’, 300m in 44” / 45”), rec. 5’

From Mon, 22 : Easy run. In Daegu, on 27.08 : 10x200m easy in 32” (recovery at personal sensation)

Sylvia in Daegu had the best possible result, since Vivian at the moment is unbeatable. Her last lap was 58"84, repeating the same situation of Berlin 2009.

For next year, I hope there is the possibility to work on long endurance from October (with also 2 half-marathon), to start speed from January for being ready for 3000m for World Indoor Champs, and after to have time to recover before starting the special training period.

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