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RE: Jordan Hasay Interview: "Redshirting Next Season at Oregon"

What ? wrote:

Chalk this one up to greed sucking Vin , nothing about the athlete , burn them hard burn them early as long as I get my points.
She's a good kid that just may not make it given the expectations put on her.

I haven't even watched the video but I'm going to act as if the OP is not pulling my leg.

Seems like your opinion misses the point. Wouldn't "greed sucking Vin" make her run NCAAs AND the OT's ? Instead, he's giving a runner who, despite expectations, won't even be a favorite for the American team (Willard, Uceny, Rowbury, Barringer, Wurth-Thomas... do I need to list everyone here?)

No, instead, if he decides to allow her to redshirt, she can train for OT's, get some great experiences in Europe (without the BS pressure that she is already a pro at handling) and come back for 3 more years of kicking butt at Oregon before her real shot in 2016.

"Greed sucking Vin" seemed to work out pretty well as a coach for Eaton, Wheating, Centro, Rupp, and the list goes on. I like the decision to red-shirt Hasay. She can gain some valuable experience, get to know the girls on the pro circuit (who don't give a crap about all the NCAA hype), and come back more confident in her long term prospects.

Thanks for posting and feel free to post again. But - and I know this isn't exactly Standard Op Procedure on these boards - clean up your language and post more respectfully. It's ok to disagree with a decision but calling someone "greed sucking" first of all doesn't even make sense and secondly is an unnecessary attempt at insult.

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