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Coach RT
RE: Sprinter to Distance : My quest to run sub 2

joeguy wrote:

I am a pure sprinter - that is, I run 100's and 200's. Recently I have become plagued with injuries, uninspired and wanting to give it up. I have not PR'd in a long time and need a new challenges.

Rather then retire completely I thought I would take a stab at this distance running thing and see what I can do. I have always enjoyed the distance running crowd and community and revel in movies like "without limits" , I have always thought I may have had some talent in distance running but never really explored it as an option and I'll regret it if I don't before I retire.

My Stats:

100m - 10.69
200m - 21.39
27 years old

I have never run over 300m in practice except for very slow 400m jog warm ups and once a 500m time trial. I did some long distance running as a kid and was pretty active but rarely go hiking, biking etc nowadays - only sprints and gyms.

My Goal:

To break 2 minutes in an 800m next summer and run a mile as fast as I can and not suck at distance running.

I bought a heart rate monitor (wow those things are expensive) and am ready to take this seriously. My plan is to take 8 weeks to build mileage from 20mpw to 65mpw take a week off easy jogging and then start in on a full program mid august. So be prepared to laugh at the sprinter.. and here..we..go....

Thursday May 19

1 mile in morning @ 7:50
1 mile at night @ 8:00

Heart rate reached 184 for 2nd run and 182 for first - runs did not feel particularly hard so why was my heart rate so high? I read a little bit and for easy runs apparently you should be in about the 140-150 zone? should I be doing these even slower to start?

Friday May 20

2 miles (with 400m walk half way) @7:30 pace . heart rate skied to 188!! But didn't feel all that hard again. tips? Might do another mile or 2 tonight. My plan is 2,3,2,3,2,3 for 15 miles this week to start things off

I work with guys moving up all the time. If you need help post your e-mail!!

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