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RE: I'll pass this along from RWOL MRT thread
Some of this is probably correct. My understanding is that it would be possible to use donations to pay for expenses of his fun raising (travel, race entry etc.)

Your explanation doesn't really address him using other names though.

Running this like an upfront fund raising venture doesn't allow him to race this way.

If he was working with race directors to get visibility and comps he would need to have visible charity attire and attract attention to himself.

The long and short of it is this all seems like way way too much work for what he could get out of it. How many people do you think really care if he did all 50 under 3 hours instead of just completing 50 in all states. Not too many I would guess.

case sensitive wrote:

[quote]Notit wrote:

I don't get it. I never thought the money angle was right. Always thought it was about some ego deal.

Try this on for size:

- create a charitable foundation, linked to a high profile and valid foundation/cause
- create a goal, in this case 50 sub 3's in 50 states, as the foundation's mantra
- run around the country, utilizing foundation money to fund this, executing said goal
- at the same time, build a list of accomplishments that will be reflected on you personally and will probably be around as long as records exist

Message boards, blogs, all those things will eventually disappear. However, race records on formal databases might persist as long as technology exists. You get to have all this fun, getting others to flip the tab, and you get noteriety that will linger long after. The dq's and all that mean nothing, as long as those efforts ere in the books somewhere, because that's what people will see.[/quote]

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