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Gambling Master
RE: Is this an unbeatable Roulette strategy?

Blowing.Rock Master wrote:

Even if you have infinite money, this is a losing strategy. I can't believe no one has mentioned this, but the wheel has 2 slots you're ignoring - the green ones: 0 and 00. These aren't included in the outside grid spots, so betting black/red, even/odd, or 1-18/19-36 leaves them out. When you take these "50-50" bets, the odds are more like 50-53 against you. Playing endlessly with infinite money just means you'll rack up an infinite loss.

No, I have not ignored those spots and neither have a lot of people. No one here ever said these are 50-50 bets, in fact its been acknowledged by me and others that its NOT a 50% chance, but rather a 47.37%. How can you say no one has mentioned this? Have you not read the thread? Additionally, rolling a 0 or 00 is the same as rolling a red . . . I still lose and could still employ my method.

gamblin Eddy wrote:
Actually, people like you are EXACTLY who casinos make money off of. If you had gone in and lost money your first time, you probably would have thought "man casinos suck/are rigged/waste of money". But because you won, you are going to keep talking about it to people you know, influencing them to gamble, and you're much more likely to continue gambling yourself. And when you do, you'll probably lose a good amount of money because you don't understand statistics.

If the Martingale system worked, the casinos would have banned it like they did counting cards. The fact that it isn't banned should tell you something.

Wrong, wrong wrong. You guys keep labeling me through your assumptions or things I HAVE NOT DONE YET. What makes you think I have talked to anyone but those of you on here yet? What makes you think I'm so influential that I would cause others to gamble? What makes you think I even have a POSITIVE view of casinos? Perhaps I am more likely to gamble, BUT I HAVEN'T YET. At this point, I have done NOTHING but TAKE money from the casino. Whether or not I do anything in the future or am more likely to do anything in the future because of this that would allow the casino to build because of "People, like yourself" does not matter at this point, because I HAVEN'T. This was my first time ever (It was my bachelor party) and I have no intent of going back. The point of this thread was to ask about this system, acknowledging I was ignorant, to see what peoples thoughts were on this. I had no idea about this Martingale system until now, I believe it doesn't work, and I have no intent to ever implement. I am just appealing to smarter people for the reason it won't work . . . I just want to understand.

So for now, I'm a winner and becuase of people like me, casinos have to shut down.

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