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gamblin Eddy
RE: Is this an unbeatable Roulette strategy?

Gambling Master wrote:

So, I just calculated it, with the table I was at. The table had a $10 min/$5000 max. This would give me 10 rolls at a 47.37% chance to win each roll, before I could no long bet large enough to break even.

I'm not sure how to do this math, can someone tell me what the probability is that I will hit black in 10 rolls at a 47.37% chance each roll?

And by the way, I don't plan on actually doing this. I understand its not in my favor. And malmo they DON'T build it from people like me . . . in case you misread the first post, I came out AHEAD last night. Right now "people, like yourself" are people who WIN each night. Now, if I actually start doing this and lose, THEN I will be the "People, like yourself" in the sense you are talking about. But right now, I'm a winner, idiot.

Actually, people like you are EXACTLY who casinos make money off of. If you had gone in and lost money your first time, you probably would have thought "man casinos suck/are rigged/waste of money". But because you won, you are going to keep talking about it to people you know, influencing them to gamble, and you're much more likely to continue gambling yourself. And when you do, you'll probably lose a good amount of money because you don't understand statistics.

If the Martingale system worked, the casinos would have banned it like they did counting cards. The fact that it isn't banned should tell you something.

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