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RE: You might be a runner if...
-you are a girl and get more than one sports bra for XMass
-you think going to the gym for a run is pointless-if it's good enough weather to drive, it's good enough to run in
-you see other runners while driving and feel lazy
-you see drivers while running and make fun of them
-you care just al little bit about being called a jogger
-you budget has a section just for running sneakers
-you have successfully used a comeback to "run forest run"
-you have memorized the order of your running playlist and/or can use it to tell if you are going too slow
-dogs have stopped bothering to bark at you
-when a girl says she's missing her flats at a party, you think of running flats, not ballet flats
-when thinking of changing houses, you are turned off by the idea of creating an entire new set of running plans
-you live by WWFD: what would Forrest do?
-you read at least 50 posts from this website
-when trying to post, you had no problem figuring out which was not the American runner
-you have more running socks than normal socks
-people say you look aneroxic, but you can't stop eating
-your nearest bookshelf has at least 10 books on running in it
-your sister gives you a foot massage for XMass, then backs out when she sees your feet
-people think your toenails are painted, but they're not
-going on a run with someone of the opposite sex = a date
-you subscribe to runner's world
-people call your house if you decide to change routes, because they think you must be dying to not pass by their house
-you can name 15 professional runners in one breath
-you searched "you might be a runner if" on Google
-you have more than 3 colors of Spandex
-you sweat so much people think it must be raining
-you have a Road ID bracelet
-you run on vacation in another country, knowing full well that you WILL get lost and WILL end up doing twice your planned workout-but don't care
-for those of us still in high school: you will only go on overnight trips if they let you run

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