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7 Months Post Op
First time visiting this site in a while because it was down for a bit and I wasn't sure when it would come back up. Anyway, I'm seven months post op from surgery with Dr. UM and its honestly like I was never injured. I can run and jump pain free and have been able to do so since September.

As for my recovery, I walked three miles the night of my surgery. I was running within a week and playing soccer again within two. There were definitely some growing pains on the road back to full fitness, but the surgery was a God send.

As for rehab, I didn't really do any. My advice is take it slow (slower than I did!), do core and lower back work and STRETCH! If you were in decent shape before the surgery, then I don't think the PT is necessary.. my non-medical opinion. As for taking it slow, I mean give your body the time it needs to heal. With that said, I firmly believe you need to be active during your recovery period if you plan on returning to serious athletics. Again, I'm far from a Dr. but I've had enough bumps and bruises during my years to know that if you let an injury heal without loosening it up a bit during the process, it will be stiff.

Good luck to all of you w/ scheduled surgeries. For those that are injured w/o professional diagnosis from a Doc familiar w/ SH, you need to go see one or at least correspond w/ them online or by phone. I waited almost a year before consulting w/ a Dr. (mostly because I didn't know what was wrong w/ me) and I'm sure I made a bad situation worse by continuing to be active while injured. For those that think they can cure SH with rehab, I just don't think so. Torn muscles don't reconnect on their own.

Thanks for reading. M.

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