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Rugby Guy
RE: Sports Hernia Update
Your story sounds A LOT like mine. Two months after my initial onset of pain, and about a month after being diagnosed, I too went into physical therapy. I did my exercises everyday and laid off of ANY working out for almost 3 months. Like you, I noticed (at best) a small improvement, but could not do what I wanted to do (sprint, squat heavy weights etc) and I would wake up feeling good some mornings and bad other mornings. Despite not being able to workout and still feeling tenderness when I sneezed and laughed and did any minor movement, I kept with the physio for well longer than I should have; I refused to admit it wasn't working. It was actually my therapist who advised me to see a surgeon after he admitted that my inconsistent results may be a sign that I need a more radical approach.

When I talk with people about this injury, I usually tell them to bypass PT because it does not truly address the problem. The issue with a SH is that, since ligaments and tendons get poor blood flow, the injury is unable to heal on its own. And strengthening the muscles, as physio does, does not re-grow damaged ligament and tendon tissue. And from what I've seen, very few people believe that it works (including my doctor and my surgeon).

Since you say that you believe that your only 1-2 months away from a complete recovery (something I too kept telling myself when I was doing physio), I'd suggest simply speaking with a prolotherapist and letting him or her know about your situation.

I, like you, refused to believe that surgery was the only option, and fully believe that prolo is the only real alternative if not the only real solution to this problem.

WIth prolo, unlike physio or surgery, you actually regrow damaged tissue. In my opinion, I wish I had known about prolo sooner and bypassed physio completely. For me, and a few other people I've spoken with, it can be a waste of time and money.

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