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RE: Surf's status report - Introduction
Surf over the 5 years I had this I had plenty of times where I felt close to 100% with hardly any pain...and there was no rhyme or reason...I could play ball one day and feel great...another day I could be playing and fell lousy and hardly run...some days I would wake up in agony...others feeling fine...a good morning could turn into a bad afternoon...a bad morning could turn into a good afternoon...I could be hurting and start exercising and suddenly feel good and visa versa....

As for your alcohol theory Ill kill that right now....Ive played in very competitive softball tournaments where sometimes we have 2-3 game waits....most of us will ahve a beer or 2....a rare few times I have had 3 or 4...never had a problem fact a few of my best games were "under the influence"....Ive played indoor fun tournaments that go till 4 in the morning where lots of players were drinking....and the good ones still performed

Im guessing your neurotransmitters are misfiring cause the kinetic chain is disrupted or broken due to the injury....any good kineseologist will tell you that.....theres a lot more to it that I cant think of at the top of my head right now but something where the body stats adjsuting by sending signals around the injury...which inturns turns off the signals there, signals that tell the muscle to work start misfiring...then the muscle shuts down and on and on

Using Meyers Rehab protocols wasnt so smart since its for surgically repaired tendons etc to regain strength and function...not for damaged or torn tendons ...probably why you started hurting after trying it.....ANOTHER REASON TO GET A FIRM DIAGNOSIS OF WHAT YOU HAVE BEFORE YOU START MESSING AROUND WITH REHAB PROTOCOLS...but Im sure you heard that one before ....Yawnnnn

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