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RE: Torn achilles tendon - 2 years

You should be in politics...

You never answer a question directly...

Twist data to suit your needs...

Give doomsday assessments that are not true to scare people..

Try to sound smart....

Paint people like they are pushing surgery....

Rate people you do not knows recovery...

Surf....bottom line....You are an asshole who has contribuited zero to this site. Other than your ying yang....theory of relativity bullshit....Who gives a flying shit about your friends achilles.....Now you are making an association that all surgery is bad...What does your friends surgery have to do with AP or SH. The therapists whose words you TWISTED has already been disproved by Tiff. All PT's I know and docs say this thing is a bitch. Many injuries respond to therapy. Take the knee...The MCL rarely requires surgery because of good blood supply, yet the ACL many times requires surgery.

You have yet to supply 1 ounce of data that has not been an OUTRIGHT twisting of facts.

Boyle data - TWISTED BY YOU
10 people who healed - TWISTED BY YOU

Well Intellect...I had my knee done....(100% for last 20 years and played 4 years of college football and USMC service...No problem)
I had my back done (continued to box at 100% for 15 years pain free)
I had my hand reset (100%)
I had my nose reset twice...(100%)
I had AP surgery 11 weeks ago (90%)
I had my thumb operated on (100%)
I had a shoulder operated on (100%)

You can wait until the stars align and have your tendons magically reconnect..

Oh I forgot...Docs know nothing and your stint as a Pharacist assistant makes you uniquesly qualified.

What is your purpose here? Nobody knows. You don't help people. You are a lunatic. You go round and round and never answer a question.

Face it....You are a clown.....Get it over with...GO buy some size 19 red shoes and a rubber nose...

You have zero credibility. I know I may not either but I have talked to the experts and followed their advice and what they said has come true. Has it been hard....YUP....HAs it been easy NOPE...

Also Hockey Player...GREAT WORK....I also had early on opposite side hip pain which subsided. JC made a great point that our opposing side is overtaxed in trying to keep the compartment stable and when it is finally relieved the muscles and soft tissue are tight/weak and need to relearn. This was found out on me by my FMS guy. That my opposite side had weakness. Now after a few weeks it is strong like BULL. LIke I said if it were not for knee and foot injury I would be running and boxing workouts.

Also I tried to swim at week 4 and felt too much of a pull when I was extended like you.

I also agree Meyers protocol is way too ambitious. Keep up the good work..

Surf....get me some tickets to ringling brothers....

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