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RE: Boyle is for non-hypochondriacs

I only started planks last week and they are from my knees. I feel alot of tension if I do them on my toes. I will get there though. I can not and will not do the side planks since my shoulders are toast....What isn't on me...LOL

I tend to agree that you should listen to your body. However, i think to much strain on the incision areas (RA specifically) is just too much tension on that area too soon.

Bridges are great as are pelvic tilts. I would wait until you get the FMS assessment to "turn up the heat". Keep doing what you are doing but do not venture just yet.

When you do the assessment you will turbocharge to fitness. Look what you have done so soon. If it were not for this damn torn MCL (which is killing me today) I would be way ahead....pisses me off. My point is with the focused excercises you will address your deficient movement patterns and i think in 3 weeks you will be raring to go. I think end of August is no problem.

I have made my biggest gains by FMS...not the rehab protocol. However, being fair I had an infection on the incision site with loads of fluid buildup and when Meyers re-cut that my leg pressure disappeared and I got better fast.

It is hard for me to say because I am
1) Older
2) was injured longer
3) and in worse shape

**I am amazed at the strides I am making but I am in pain from my PF and MCL tears....By favoring those i think it is impeding even faster repair time for my AP.

So my point is that you are shape to begin with and with FOCUSED rehab you will be killer.

I think each person is very different...Boyles says this...Meyers that....but until someone takes a look at your situation it is hard to plug in a generic one size fits all rehab.

Also Surf...JC predicted it...You never answer questions...EVER....I personally have no idea why you are posting your story for the umpteenth time.

Without a diagnosis it is irrelevant. I do not think anyone can take any of your rehab seriously...or why would they? If i were logging on would i try your hocus pocus bullshit for something you may or may not have? NO....Many here are scared of this and want to get better. Not collaberate on nonsense.

There are experts out there. I know I will encourage readers to listen to them.

Why don't you just go away...Seriously. All you do is stir up shit.

I actually hoped you would get a diagnosis, but who really cares. Why should someone care if someone does not want to help themselves. Obviously you do not. You keep posting the same shit. We keep posting advice. You do not take it. Then you bring up non-verified cases and the ride starts again.

We will all be gone and you can try to pollute some new peoples brains. I hope not, because you are dangerous to newbies with your MIS-INFORMATION.

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