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RE: Boyle is for non-hypochondriacs
When I read all the posters here, which are expressing opinions and which are expressing facts?

As the Nobel prize winner Kandel says in his autobiography, which discusses the high level of debate in all fields of serious science, said this:

Eric Kandel:
Science proceeds by and endless and ever refining cycles of conjecture and refutation. The greatest strength of the scientific method is its ability to disprove an hypothesis.

Life itself, and especially biological systems, is so complex that it can never be fully understood by the human mind. Thus when one reads the papers of scientists, e.g., Albert Einstein, Eric Kandel, Michael Faraday, Max Born, etc., or any convention of physicists, one sees fierce heated debate, yet a gradual discovery of more and more truth.

I gather that some posters here at LetsRun feel that their own posts are facts, but the posts of others are opinions.
The scientific community, even back to Roger Bacon, or back further to Aristotle, would say that all of us have erroneous, simplistic views, and that all we can do is make conjectures. The conjectures and subsequent refutations are what lead us toward improving understanding.

I don't think anybody here is entitled to being viewed as anything BUT opinion.

Please consider anything I say to be mere conjecture. Please always, always take everything I say with a grain of salt. Books, teachers, newspapers, even fact books -- I always take everything with a grain of salt. It's called critical thinking.

I happened to read a book last week by a PHD from Cornell. He said the first post-graduate program there, the Masters degree program, spends the whole 2 years training the student how to think critically. Only when the reach the Doctorate (PHD) level, does the student begin orininal research.

But anyway, I consider everything I read everywhere to be opinion, so I'm not offended that you consider my posts to be opinion. That's exactly what they are.

By the way, I'm still interested in your suggestions on improving the Meyer rehab that you alluded to last week, and am very glad your here. Wishing you a speedy recovery that will give added hope to us all, tiff.

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