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RE: Successful surgical recoveries? Are there any?
Well Surf..

I think Hockey Player is waaaaay ahead of schedule and is running again.

Also Tiff despite having a monster RA tear is walking 5 miles a day fast.

JC had a 2 RA's, 2 adductors and a hernia and is walking steep hills 2x per day and is 10 days out.

also go to This gentleman is pre-med and had a mesh re-do as well as bilateral addcutor release and bilataeral AP repair. His name is Dan and he was putting in serious mileage at 9 weeks. He also snowboarded 25 days in a row and is back playing soccer. He was kind enough to e-mail me before surgery.

All of these people were injured. Each of them got the facts and made educated decisions and are back on the path of health. Is it pleasant. NOPE.....This rehab was worse than my knee surgery. Worse than my ankle surgery. Worse than my hand surgery. But all those parts can be rested. This is the center of our bodies.

It is exciting to rehab as well, because muscles i had given up on were coming back to life after 5 years and others that were in distress were now relaxed.

My glutes immediately turned back on and alot of my rehab is centered around my minimus/medius as to not overload my adductors. Maximus is firing but the others still get tired.

All though this injury was hell (5 years...18 months in bed mostly) the rehab has taught me more about my body and self than anything else in my life. I was always in shape as a boxer and wrestler. However, i was imbalanced. I was freakishly strong in the chest and legs but even though i had a flatter stomach my core was weak...I mean real weak.

So now i am taking this OPPORTUNITY to balance my body and be healthy in the future. I do not fear this happening again because I was an accident waiting to happen. I fought way too long (to age 41). Not from trauma but because of the training was so severe and is designed for younger men.

However, I intend on playing softball again or just working out hard. These are thoughts i gave up on. So to me Meyers was a godsend sent to me by JC.

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