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hockey player
RE: Update post surgery
Hi Tiff,

Glad to hear you are doing so well. I saw a PT tonight for the first time since surgery. She looked at the protocol and helped me figure out some of the exercises (particularly how to improve my technique on some of them), but didn't know what crossovers, figure 8s or shuttle exercises were. She told me I was doing fine on my own (i've been following the protocol pretty closely, including all the stretches and pool work) and encouraged me to keep doing the pelvic tilts and stretching at this stage even though they are listed under the 7-10 days section. She also recommended firing the transversus (??) muscle often by breathing in deep, exhaling and keeping the stomach contracted after the exhale (suck the belly button into your spine-type-movement). She recommended doing this all the time -- while walking to and from work, while doing upper-body exercises (she recommended pectoral/delt flys in both directions and standing tricep extension and curls, not lat pulldowns) as called for in the protocol, and even just sitting at my desk at work. Theory is the RAs are still healing/weak and the transversus needs to pick up the load.

Anyway, I, too, am leaving the aforementioned undefinable exercises out of my workouts, but I feel like I'm making enough progress without them that it's probably not a big deal.

As for your other questions, I don't really feel like I'm very swollen in the abs/pubic bone, but the area is very tender. I'm definitely numb surrounding the incisions (supposedly the subcutaneous nerves are cut during surgery and take a while to grow back, but they do, so this is normal), but don't necessarily have incredible pain from a harder touch there. It hurts, but it's not making me scream. No real pinching sensation in the groin but my psoas/hip flexors feel tight all the time and that gets a bit worse with workouts (particularly the hip extension/flexion with weight) but subsides with time. I can jog and do lunges fine, along with all the prescribed stretches with pretty much no problem. Couldn't hurt for you to give Meyers a call regarding the swelling/pain in the incision area and inability to stretch.

Good luck and feel better!

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