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RE: Adductors
had a question about adduction. bilateral tears on both sides, off bone on right. As indicated, i'm unraveled, pelvis imbalance etc... I know i read about this 30 pages back or whatnot.

I have weakness/pain sensation when i slip or loose my footing, right in my adductors/pubis. I'm trying to figure out why it feels like that? are the adductors trying to stabilize and due to the RA tears it is difficult? We have floor/standing mats at work. Whenever i try to slide one over so i can stand on it, it hurts and feels weak - example, with my right foot on the mat i will attempt to slide (adduction) it toward me, take one step over and slide again. I tell you this feels very weak.

Albert/JC, either of you, can you explain a bit about his one?

My PT does this one thing to me and i get the same sensation/pain in the pubic/adductors. laying on my back, knees up, she has be perform abduction and she hold my knee together while i try to push my knees apart, this does not hurt, but i'm weak. however adduction really hurts, she has me push my knees together while she rips my knees apart during adduction and the more separated my knees are the weaker it feels then bam it f__in rips my pubis and it pops.

I'm trying to understand if this indicates anything and if i should begin strengthening my adductors before surgery? I have access to the pool and i'm trying to push as much as i can before surgery.


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