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RE: Doctor abbreviations

You are still missing the point:

1)I had been to over 11 doctors so it was not a delay but not knowing by doctors
2) I had no idea I had this. (i thought i had a back injury)..if i did i would have been on the next plane
3) You are correct and lucky....You think you may have it...yet you sit and whine....but do nothing...It is your body and I could care less what you do with it...

* I would never comment on condition that I do not know if I have yet you pontificate like you know alot when you know little when it comes to this.

** Who in their right mind tries to gather a consensus about a diagnosis when there are great docs/therapists out there....Whats next for you? Going to reinvent heary surgery.

I saw Meyers and he said. "i can help you" and i believer him when he pointed out on the MRI where my RA was supposed to be and where there was a ton of white. (edema) He walso showed me in my clinical exam what was happening and why.

He then asked me if i was ready to get better? I said yes.....and i am.

So if i were a new person here and i was weighing the real facts would i:
listen to a man who has done 6,000+ surgeries and is the inventor of the procedure. When you meet him you will know you are in good hands. He is blunt and to the point but never rushes you. When i was scared he returned my calls within 30 minutes at night.

listen to an old surf guru who is simply guessing and who has been scared to get a diagnosis for some reason. However, that is not enough but you publish rants that scare others for no reason.

Go to the doctor. Meyers will tell you the odds. He will level with you. He told me mine was a 10 out of 10 in terms of damage afterwards and expected my inflammation to last up to 12 weeks. (it stopped a week more leg pressure)...He said the rest is up to me. What more could i want?

Surf...I am not in a fighting mood nor do i care if you get not get fixed or simply clutch your chest and drop dead. I simply do not want you polluting peoples minds...or scaring them without any real data. I have met these people face to face. Many who are lurkers here and so has JC. So many people who are nervous look to this site for real world experience in dealing with this. I would think if you were to take a vote of people suffering from this they would prefer real experiences (good or bad) than a alarmist who would rather smoke a good doobie than nut up and face the music.

Good luck surf.

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