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RE: Doctor abbreviations
you've been stating your opinion for months and still no diagnosis. Why not? Please answer that. You say you are debilitated...yet nothing. Get on a flight and get it checked.

Substantial risk for surgery? Are you crazy? The substantial risk is not having surgery. I am 9 weeks post op and if i did not have the opposite side MCL I would be close to 95%. I could not walk right. I just got back from a 6 miler and if my knee was not injured I would have run.

When i was in Meyers office I talked to at least 7 people who say the same as me....his clinicals speak of a 90+% success rate....yet you concentrate on a few stories on here. No 2 people are alike.

I can say that i had 4.5 years of damage and i mean serious...compartment syndrome...Many here could still function...I could not...

You do not even know if you have #1 SH #2 Inguinal Hernia #3 Athletic Pubalgia...

You will keep posting here while your pelvis unravels and then you will be forced to get surgery.

Your rational is simply if i may be blunt is RETARDED!!
Why wouldn't you get your ass on a plane and see least get a diagnosis.

You make comments like #3 is highly unlikely because many can not function without doing more damage.

I mean...what would the odds have to be for you to say it was not a substantial risk?

If it was 50/50 it would be risky...
If it was 70/30 less risky
If it was 80/20 good odds
If it were 97/3...sign my ass ain't getting no better.

You talk about this injury like you know something nobisy else does. YOU DO NOT. You seek others out who will agree with you on any topic. You are a chronic complainer...yet do nothing about it. You are a fatalist....yet do nothing to change it.

To be quite honest I am fed up with your BS because of the fact you scare newbies away. People who want to get berrer.
People who are not cowards...who want to face the facts and get a diagnosis....and then make an educated guess.

Get your ass to a doctor and then come back here.
Your act is tired and has been going on since February, I want any new person here to realize you are on the fringe and in no way represent any type of logic.

So people

1) get diagnosed
2) try therapy if warranted
3) if not...get the surgery before more damage is done'
4) have faith in your doc and be diligent in rehab

***I told JC yesterday if i was LUCKY enough to have found this site 4 years ago it would not have caused the amount of damage....physically...emotionally (bed ridden)...financially (100k out of pocket...and 250k lost wages)....I was contemplating suicide it was so bad....leg pains (compartment syndrome)....So i am LUCKY to have found Meyers...

Another year i could not have lasted.

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