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RE: Inguinal Hernia

helpersssz wrote:

yes I think some of the guys on here are being affected by inguinal hernias, they can mirror a sports hernia ive read. Theguys that feel that something is wrong but aren't dabilitated like SH can do. And I have also read that recovery time is about two to three weeks, till u feel normal, not be 100 percent. I would say UM is still best bet for this cause it is the Hernia Center and they talk aloe about inguinals on her site.

I thought indirect was when it loops in alittle and direct was when it pushed down.

Direct = herniate into inguinal canal
Indirect = herniate through deep inguinal ring (following path of descending testes)

The sports hernia that is a weakness of the inguinal canal wall and the inguinal hernia can cause the same complaints. Both can compress on nerves when the ab muscles are tensed and both cause widening of the groin canal that puts tension on muscles in the pubic area. These now tight muscles are then susceptible to tears during activity or cause compensating actions by muscles that contribute to other problems.

I think Dr. M focuses primarily here as it is closest to her expertise - hernias. In fact her minimal repair is used for sports hernias and small inguinal hernias - there is no difference. Fixing either of these issues relieves the tension in the muscles of the pubic region that she says results in the complaint of pubalgia.

Dr. Meyers seems to deal with a broader spectrum of groin pain or at least consider other causes not related to ab wall defects. In a Meyers paper he says "The athletic pubalgia syndrome is not associated with abdominal wall defects that resemble hernias." Dr. M says "The problem is caused by a weakness or abnormality in the posterior inguinal canal wall...." These statements seem to conflict, but both of these doctors are fixing people. Interesting, but confusing.

Dr. M says fix my inguinal hernia and my problems are solved. Meyers suggested I may have both inguinal hernia and AP after he reviewed my MRI report.

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