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RE: Adductors
Surf.........when you going to realize your not going to heal this thing on its own.........take it from someone with 5 years of experience and is a lot younger then you.....Tried it all.....Ive even tried 2 sessions PRP Prolotherapy the one with the platelete rich blood plasma which costs about $900 per session......even 3 months of doctor prescribed pharmacuetical grade Injectable HGH....very expensive....nothing....Dont thing Your Vitamin B6 will cut it...You??......Your just wasting time and giving out unqualified information with your guessing/wondering theories....Even your Info on "doing a situp is bad if you have a labrel tear"....UNTRUE.........I went to one of the top Hip Specialists in the USA... Directly from him.."if you have a labral tear or hip impingement try to avoid flexing/bringing the knee up to the chest"......when you are doing a situp you are using all abs...not your hip joint!...strengthening all your ABs correctly are one of the biggest things to prevent or rehab a sports hernia....AND WHY WOULD YOU ASK A POSTER ON HER IF "HE" THINKS THAT YOU CAN HEAL YOUR SPORTS HERNIA....NO OFFENSE TO THE POSTER BUT WHAT THE HELL DOES HE KNOW??????...IS HE A DOCTOR OR THERAPIST?

Your free to post whatever you want here but I think your doing a dis service to yourself and the people on here...We have a great bunch of people on here going thru surgery and recovering and giving great information of there experiences....Lets keep it that way!!!!!

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