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RE: Recovery path
hello Surf

I've just turned 22... I got injured last summer, it didn't really come from an exact traume, if you get me.. i've been a very active freeride and freestyle skier for the last couple of years.. I injured my right hip-flexor during my 08 winter season, i felt like i recovered a 100% within a month, and then in the summer after a run i felt like i reinjured myself a little.. nothing bad.. but from that point it just got worse.. And after that i've been trough it all, with numbers of doctors, mis diagnoses and stuff... untill i finally found some good sports docs in late November '08 who found that i had an right side incipient hernia / sports hernia..

i've tried rehab for 1½-2 mothn with little succes, it made me sleep better in the nights, and everyday things became a little easier. But doing any sports wasn't an option.. so i chose surgery.. i only lived a few hours flight from Munich so the choice was easy i think.. She found that i had bilateral.. but she recomended only to do my right side.. Even though i had started to get symptoms in my left side to..

I was able to start jogging a few days after surgery and started rehab exercises(core, light muschles) after 2½ week post op and increased my running.. But unfortunatly i haven't been running for almost 2 month since i hurt my knee:(

The left side symptoms came from my Psoas witch had been over compensation for to long...
Also got some problems with my back witch also have been over compensated for to long..
all things that have slowed down my rehab..

and then in the beginning of June i suffered from a setback
alot of symptoms from the first days postop came flushing back.. abnominal pain, Burning sensation in the groin and adductor area, it felt warm, tight, swollen and inflammed kinda (but wasn't) and then i started to get some on and off sharp pain in my testical and suroundings..

But luckly it has gotten better again.. abnominal pain is gone and so is the sharp pain and it has ore turned into a little uncomftoble sensation.. and there is less burning sensation in my groin an adductor area though it's still there.. but it feels sore and still got the feeling in my adductor and groin area but not as but anymore though..

I workout around 3-4 hours in the gym 6 days a week.. and since i can't run due to my knee:( im walking a lot, swimming and biking.. im thinking of getting some skates soon, i'm wondering how my adductors and groin will respond to that..

hsorry for the bad english again;)

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