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RE: Greetings from Post-Op
Hockey Player, good to hear that all went well for you!!!

I'm about to set up my surgery with Dr. Meyers. Do you happen to know which page/s you have your symptoms listed in this thread? I'm just curious if you had both sides done and how long you've had the injury?

While I'm here, I'd like to say what's up to the crew here. Hello everyone!!!

Though, this thread is hard to find, I've gained more knowledge here than with any doctor i've seen, with the exception of Dr. Meyers.

I've been injuried 24months. My pelvis is tilted/torqued and my hamstrings/adductors are tight and lower leg/knee feels weird. I feel this is all secondary due to pelvis imbalance and once the pelvis is back in position, I feel like my psoas and adductors will free up. I feel there is some lower-cross syndrome going on with me since i feel like a clown when i run. Similar to Albert but not as painful. I saw Dr. UM on the 4th with all the others. She just performed an ultrasound that found the same tears Dr. Meyers MRI found. I had MR autogram on both sides with findings of small labral tear, no concern there for now. I've decided to go with Meyers procedure. My MRI showed RA tears on both side with complete deattachment on the right side. Adductors are tight but no findings on MRI and Meyers said they're okay. I'm hoping to have a similar outcome as you did. I'm still able to do spinning classes, but i do get nerve pain during hill climbs and my tectiles start to burn and my penis goes numb - I have to admit this is the strangest injury i've ever had and think will ever have! There is NOBODY i know that has any clue what this injury is or is all about.

Not sure who all has had surgery before, but for me, starting my fast at 7pm after a light dinner instead of 12 midnight, helps prevent nausea after anesthesia.

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