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RE: Why so few participants?

I have NO PROBLEM with opinions that differ from mine at all. Quite the contrary. I think that is how people learn and come to conclusions of their own.

But answer the questions:

1) what is your diagnosis?
2) How do you know it is AP?
3) How do you know it is not a labral tear whose symptoms mimic AP?
4) Without a proper diagnosis how can you tell people what to do or how to do it, when in fact what you have may or may not be AP?
5) Why do you only post anti-surgical posts and attach links that show failure?

Answer those and i will know where you are coming from.

As far as the emotional roller coaster called ride is almost over. In fact my life improves daily thanks to a PROPER DIAGNOSIS and a GREAT SURGEON named Dr. William Meyers.

When I am gone from here unfortunately you will still be scaring people who are considering surgery as if it is not hard enough. Myself and JC were talking about this. How at 4 weeks to go before surgery the doubts creep in because we had been to so many docs and so on. I told him it was natural but MEyers does NOT just operate on anyone and it is not a crapshoot. If you look at your Oxford health links at 3.5 years almost 90% of his patients are playing at the same or exceeding levels of performance. This was an older study so imagine how good it is now.

Anyways, I am glad I did not see your posts pre-surgery because they would have scared me more than i was. I do not want others to feel they are doomed like you would want.

Take a step out of your tiny little world and acknowledge that surgery is the gold standard for treating this.

You continue to pollute the forum with nonsensical therapies like every 3rd day surfing....

Come on dude.....that is on the verge of being retarded. Why not just get a witch doctor? Get with the rest of us and get a diagnosis....what are you running from? You are 58.....time to be a man and face the music

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