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RE: 7 Weeks Post Op

I agree. Be as active as possible. I was out of condition due to the severity of my injury. However, now things at 4 weeks are starting to click.

I can avoid any pressure by not sleeping on my stomach which shortens my already tight hip flexors. When I hammer the pool i feel awesome. I am 16 pounds lighter since surgery. This has helped but it has been a bear due to the fact I can not really push it. I am laying off the elliptical and bike due to the effects of tightening it has on the flexors.

My adductors are getting strong on push off. I remember while i had the injury i could not jog in the pool because when i pushed off and my foot slipped my addcutors/groin would flare.

I would imagine in 2-3 months I will be in fighting shape. I am a bigger man and my weight used to be 5'10" 201-209 pounds and that was with a 34" waist. For surgery I ballooned to 263 pounds due to inactivity and steroids.
I am now under 247ish. It will take me about 12 weeks to get to 205. This is what happens when a top shape athlete has a severe injury that goes undiagnosed for 4+ years.

I imagine most on here are runners and in good shape so your rehab should be easier. Mine has been a challenge but minimal compared to the agony I lived with for 4.5 years. It is amazing how stable my pelvis has become. The back pains are almost gone. Have reduced to a small 1.2 dollar size ache. Previously it was my primary symptom with leg pressure....If i presented with the testicle/groin pain as my primary pain it would have been easier. However, about 3 years ago I could not continue my walking because it felt like my groin/top of leg was being pushed into my stomach. Then the testicle pains became constant. I went to 3 docs and all said strain....Therapists said, lumbago, SI joint, imbalances, ab strain, psoas and the list goes on. My legs were so tight I needed 2-3 massages per week to be able to walk. Legs were like concrete and had therapists quit saying a simple massage should not hurt so much and the tightness should not return in mere hours.

Anyways, my point is this. Early diagnosis before you unravel. Stay in as good a shape as you can. This is a soft tissue surgery, which is a quicker recovery if that is all it is.
So the better your condition the easier it will be on the other side.

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