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RE: Anyone ever had a "Sports Hernia" aka: "Sportsman's hernia", "Gilmore's groin", or &
Swimming exercises

To heal myself and avoid surgery, I've been experimenting with swimming for the past 2 weeks as a means of getting exercise without rattling my sports hernia. Here is a list of things that seem to not aggravate either my lower abdomen or my adductors:

General Rule
I find it's safer to swim either with my arms, or my legs, but not both at the same time as is normal in swimming. If I'm propelling myself with my arms, then its good to have my back arched inward (in other words the two muscles running down my lower back are engaged).

If I'm propelling myself by my legs then it's good to NOT have those two back muscles engaged, i.e., NOT have my back arched inward.

Good: Paddling on a Surfboard
When lying on a surfboard one naturally raises one's head and shoulders off the board when paddling. To balance that, one naturally keeps ones legs fully extended as a counterweight to the raised head and shoulders. The result in a nice inward arch of the lower back, which somehow prevents the lower abdomen tendons from yanking away from the pubic bone or tugging on the testicle cords, even though the abdominal muscles are doing substantial work.

This exercise works shoulders, chest, abdomen, arms and back muscles.

The body position is very similar to the "rocker" calesthenics exercise of school students.

Good: On-back Flutter Kick
Lying on one's back, propelling ones self through the water with a gentle flutter kick, one notices that the abdominal muscles are engaged, and that there is NOT an inward arch in the lower back, but rather an outward arch.
This obeys the General Rule above that when propelling one's self with one's legs then the lower back should NOT be arched inward.

To date, this On-back flutter kick is the only exercise I know of that allows a sports hernia sufferer to directly exercise the major leg muscles without aggravating the sports hernia.

For non-surgical recovery and for surgical recovery
I'm thinking these two swim exercises are useful not only for someone like me who is trying to recover without surgery, but also for those who are recovering after surgery.

Has anybody else had experiences with swimming for SH recovery?

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