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RE: Anyone ever had a "Sports Hernia" aka: "Sportsman's hernia", "Gilmore's groin", or &
A tiny bit of progress

To all. Yesterday I paddled my surfboard in a very calm ocean, and was able even to straddle it, i.e., sit on it, in the water, without pain. To me, this is a meaningful step of progress. I never thought my groin would permit me to do that again.

Angle of lower back, or pelvic tilt
It all started with the exercise that Mike in Va had turned me onto, that showed a "Curl Up":

Up until then, I had ruled out any and all abdominals work because some earlier abdominals work had caused severe aggravation. But I tried the "Curl Up" from Mike in Va in two ways: (a) With hands under back, as shown, and (b) without hands under back. I could feel a distinct difference between the two. Without my hands under my back, I could feel some light pain and tugging on my testicles with each rep. But with my hands under my back, no pain.

The hands under the back both curves the lower back and/or tilts the pelvis anteriorly. So I tried walking with curved back (anterior pelvic tilt) vs. posterior pelvic tilt (butt tucked in). What was the result? With butt tucked in (posterior pelvic tilt) there was definitely more groin pain with each step. With butt stuck out, there was much less groin pain, or none.

Strengthening my muscular back
In Florida there are many old people. I recently happened to notice a guy, about 85 or 90 yrs-old I think, putting groceries in his car at the supermarket. He was kind of a handsome old guy with a good full head of hair, but his back was curved outword very, very much from age. His pelvis, like many old people, was extreme posterior tilt. In other words his pelvis was thrust forward very much. This is very common in old people who are not fat.

One thing about paddling a surfboard is that it forces you to keep your back curves backward, like doing the "rocker" calesthentics drill from elementary school, where your lay on your stomach with head up and feet up and start rocking.

I was pretty leary of trying to paddle a surfboard but I went to the beach on a flat day and tried it only for about 5 minutes, then went home to await any inflammation for a day or two. There was none.

So now I've paddled my board about 7 times over the past 2 weeks and my abs are getting some significant strength back, and all my back muscles are getting some strength back. My muscles had really gone to hell with 3 months of inactivity.

Water walking
Anoter thing. The first time I took my board to the beach, my adductors were surprised by the feel of the sand, and especially surprised by the feel of water. I almost fell over wading in only 6 inches of water. But now, each time I go, I get in water about up to my neck, then move in slow motion in long strides, in all directions, like I'm running, or sort of like ballet. My adductors seem to relax and become pretty darn flexible in this weightless world.

I'm now convinced that, just like in the "Curl Up" from Mike in VA, the curve in the lower back (anterior pelvic tilt) is perhaps the central issue of sports hernia. I feel there is a real possibility that if I can get all my back muscles strong again, and get my abdominals good and strong again, then I put myself in a situation where I can slowly heal over several months.

I've been wrong before, and could be wrong here, but now I've got some hope to hang on to.

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