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RE: Anyone ever had a "Sports Hernia" aka: "Sportsman's hernia", "Gilmore's groin", or &
Mike in Denver,

You and I play the same game, basketball. While I used to work construction when I was younger, I now do computer programming stuff.

When I first got sports hernia about 5 months ago, I remember thinking that at least I wasn't doing construction work for a living anymore, because that would be impossible with sports hernia.

Exactly one month ago I moved home to Florida from Oregon where I was renting an apartment for work. Just boxing up my stuff and then unboxing it here in Florida set me way back. In addition to the sore groin I normally have, it gave me pain in my lower abdomen, and also prickly pains in backs of my legs.

After I finished unboxing here in Florida, it took about 6 days of no stooping, no lifting, no bending for the pain in my lower abdomen and the backs of my legs to finally settle down.

I brush my teeth at my kitchen sink (it's higher) so that I don't have to bend over as much. That helps. I'm careful getting out of my car to put my feet fairly close together to distribute my 170 lbs over two legs instead of one weak leg. That helps. Same for when I get up from my desk chair, or any chair. Whenever I get out of my car or up from any chair, I always look for something I can push with my arms to lighten the weight my legs/pelvis must lift. That really helps.

Working construction would be impossible. All the bending and stooping, not to mention the lifting. Right now, I avoid ever getting down on the floor because I know that the act of getting back up will result later in inflammation of my lower abdomen and my left groin.

By the way, Mike, I did some experiments, and there is substantial delay time between the physical movement and the consequent onset of the resulting inflammation. For me, I can get away with stooping to pick something off the floor a few times a day. But after I exceed a limit, I'll get the abdominal pain, starting about 20 minutes later.

If I do a rehab standing hip adduction exercise, or other exercise, the inflammation kicks in only about 33 hrs. later. Yes, 33 hours. So therefore, perhaps realize that the pain you have today actually resulted from something you did 30 hours ago. Sport hernia is a complex disease.

I'm only guessing, but it seems to me you might try to strictly avoid any bending, stooping or lifting for a full 6 days, and see if the pain in your lower abdomen subsides.

Your condition is certainly worse than mine right now.

Another thing, Mike. I've noticed a couple times that when I'm especially inflammed, if I lay down for a nap, even if only for 5 minutes of being unconscious, the inflammation can dramatically and instantly improve when I wake up. Makes me realize the nervous system is a very important component of the cursed sports hernia syndrome.

One more thing. If you must bend over to do some work, be absolutely sure to keep both feet planted to the floor the entire time. One of the most damaging things I can do today is bend over, and then while bent over, move my left foot forward a bit. This seemingly innocent movement does severe trauma, and sets me back several days.

Mike in Va had similar experience with this simple movement while bending over to place his daughter into the car. Remember, if you must bend, keep both feet planted or glued to the ground while your body is bent.

Hoping you'll see some progress soon.

I may be coming to Colorado to see Dr. Muschaweck in July, too, so hopefully we can have a drink.

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