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RE: Anyone ever had a "Sports Hernia" aka: "Sportsman's hernia", "Gilmore's groin", or &
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My main sport is pickup basketball. Most of the players are in their 20's and 30's. I'm 58 yrs-old and have been doing it about 25 years now.

I've played with thousands of players, and many of them play a lot. Yet very few get sports hernia. It makes me think, why did I get sports hernia, while most never do? There must be a reason.

I think this same question can be asked about everybody in this message board. The vast majority of other players in our respective sports don't get sports hernia, ever. Why us? There must be a reason.

Is there something special or unusual factor or group of factors that we all share, that is different from the average? I think the answer is almost certainly yes. But discovering it is impractical when most of us are so reticent.

Here are a few things about me that are slightly off-average, I think:

Sweet tooth - Almost every day I have something sweet like a candy bar, or apple pie, or a chocolate chip cookie at Starbuck. I also usually have a Diet Coke every day. (Aspartame, I think.)

Butt sticks out - It you look at anyone over the age of about 70 years their butt is almost always tucked in (posterior pelvic tilt) because their backbone is deteriorating. Compared to the average person, my butt sticks out slightly more than average. (I have an anterior pelvic tilt.) My abs are in decent shape.

Runs on toes - My wind is much better than the average person, but I'm not such a good long distance runner because I don't set my foot down well, but rather tend to run on the balls of my feet (toes). This works fine for basketball and short runs. I have been nagged by a tight right hamstring for about 10 years, probably related.

Very little alcohol - Many of my friends have at least one or two beers or drinks every single day. It's part of their life and diet, and they're healthy. I often go a month or two without any alcohol. I'm wondering if other members of this message board tend to be non-drinkers or drinkers.

Knock-kneed - One of my brothers who is a superb athlete is not quite bow-legged. Whereas I'm slightly knock-kneed.

Afternoon energy - Some people like to exercise in mornings. For me, when the sun reaches about 5pm, I'm bursting with tension and energy, and have a need to do something physical. I sometimes wonder if the tendons of morning exercisers get worked early in the day. Do we have morning exercise people here in this message board, or afternoon exercisers?

Any thoughts or ideas will be appreciated.

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