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RE: Anyone ever had a "Sports Hernia" aka: "Sportsman's hernia", "Gilmore's groin", or &

I think it's the same for all mammals, including humans, squirrels, horses etc. A horse steps in a hole, a wolf's foot is stepped on by a horse, a basketball player sprains an ankle.

There is pain at first. But he gets back up and maybe plays another game. The inflammation takes time to kick in, it's a special type of signalling process. Later that day, or by the next morning for sure, the inflammation has kicked in full force, doing its job.

The horse, the wolf, the basketball player all make the same calculation: I'd better not move that hoof, that paw, that foot. It feels terrible.

It's natures way of immobilizing the area of damage so that delicate, complex repairs can be performed on it.

If an NSAID or other anti-inflammatory chemical is administered to the horse, the wolf or the human, the repair process is interferred with and the quality of the resulting repair is reduced.

That's how it looks to me.

In your case, part of the repair has been done by the sutures of Dr. Muschaweck. Yet even that suture needs to become molecularly welded. But other parts, such as the fascia/tendons ends on the adductors, need time for extra rest and immobility to mend themselves properly and strongly.

That's why, if Dr. Muschaweck repairs my sports hernia, I'll tell her I have no championship game affecting my careeer the next week, and ask her if its feasible for me to abstain from any anti-inflammatories.

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