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RE: Anyone ever had a "Sports Hernia" aka: "Sportsman's hernia", "Gilmore's groin", or &

Keep in mind I'm talking through my hat here. My understanding is this. The upper abdomen (six pack) is a large, powerful muscle, the rectus abdominis. The lower abdomen, on the other hand, is a more tendonous structure which both (a) eventually connects the said rectus abdominis to the pubic bone and (b) also acts as a steel tank or container floor for your intestines, etc.

The lower abdomen is I'm guessing, like a thin flat red muscle sandwiched between two thin but very tough white layers of tendonous, fascia-like material. It is the inside or rear (posterior) thin white tendonous layer that gets the cursed tear of sports hernia, I think, that is sewn up by Dr. Muschaweck and Dr. Meyers.

Muscle tissues in all animals, I think, actually heal very, very fast compared to tendons. Muscle tissue gets torn quite often in sports, I think, but is no big deal. We all pull a muscle here and there. They begin repairing themselves immediately, even making progress overnight. And they continue to repair themselves even during physical activity. The "adductor release" done by Dr. Meyers, I think, is simply a slicing of the adductor muscle with the scalpel without even sewing it up.

Also picture someone stabbed by a knife in the leg, or the hero shot in the shoulder by a gun. Those muscle wounds heal themselves up without any suturing. The doc removes the bullet with whiskey, and he's done.

Tendons also repair themselves, but it's a different molecular process and it takes much longer, and requires to be not be disturbed too much. Even a totally snapped achilles tendon will often repair itself if protected and given a lot of time. The two ends will find each other. But suturing it is very easy, so that's what they do.

I've probably got something wrong here, but it's good to discuss these things, and influence each other.

Does it feel good to be home, Mello? You accomplished a lot in one week. A good example for us all.


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